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We are an experimental research group in condensed matter physics and chemical physics. Using the uniquely designed scanning probe microscopes, we investigate the electronic, vibrational, magnetic, and optical properties of single molecules and low-dimensional materials, as well as the related ultrafast dynamics processes.
Research Interests
1. H-bonding structure and dynamics of interfacial water.
2. Atomic-scale ultrafast dynamics.
3. Nanoscale quantum sensing.
4. Light-element quantum materials.
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Visualizing Eigen/Zundel cations and their interconversion in monolayer water on metal surfaces
Hydrated protons play a critical role in numerous physical and chemical processes. However, their atomic-level characterization remains experimentally challenging, especially for interfacial systems. Using qPlus-based atomic force microscopy and path integral molecular dynamics...   Science 377(6603) 315-319 (2022). PKU news, PKU news(English version), Zhishe News.
Surface coordination layer passivates oxidation of copper
Owing to its high thermal and electrical conductivities, its ductility and its overall non-toxicity, copper is widely used in daily applications and in industry, particularly in anti-oxidation technologies. However, many widespread anti-oxidation techniques, such as alloying and electroplating, often degrade some physical properties...   Nature 586(7829) 390-394 (2020). PKU news.
Atomic imaging of the edge structure and growth of a two-dimensional hexagonal ice
We report that noncontact atomic-force microscopy with a CO-terminated tip enables real-space imaging of the edge structures of 2D bilayer hexagonal ice grown on a Au(111) surface. We find that armchair-type edges coexist with the zigzag edges usually observed in 2D hexagonal crystals...   Nature 577 60-63 (2020). PKU news, Physics World, PKU news (English version).
The effect of hydration number on the interfacial transport of sodium ions
We constructed individual sodium ion (Na+) hydrates on a NaCl(001) surface by progressively attaching single water molecules (one to five) to the Na+ ion using a combined scanning tunnelling microscopy and noncontact atomic force microscopy system...   Nature 557, 701-705 (2018). PKU news, PKU news (English version), Nature Review Chemisty.
Breaking News                           more
  • 2023.10 : Prof. Jiang was selected for The New Cornerstone Investigator Program ("新基石研究员项目"). Congratulations!
  • 2022.10 : Jiani Hong won the National Scholarship. Congratulations to Jiani!
  • 2022.07 : Congratulations!Our paper "Visualizing Eigen/Zundel cations and their interconversion in monolayer water on metal surfaces" was published on Science. see pku news, pku news (English), Zhishe News
  • 2022.03 : Jinbo Peng joined the Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University as a tenure-track Associate Professor. Congratulations to Jinbo!
  • 2021.12 : Our proposed project titled "Investigation and manipulation of nuclear quantum effects in light-element systems"(“基于轻元素全量子化效应的物态调控研究”)was granted by National Key R&D Program of China(“国家重点研发计划”).
  • 2021.10 : Our group were invited to exhibit our core technology on " the 13th Five-Year Plan" scientific and technological innovation achievement exhibition! see photo.
  • 2021.05 : Congratulations to Ke Bian! Our new review article "Scanning probe microscopy" was published by Nat Rev Methods Primers, PDF Download, Poster Download.
  • 2021.03 :Prof. Jiang won the Achievement in Asia Award (AAA),Robert T. Poe Prize ("亚洲成就奖") by the International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomers. Congratulations! pku news, pku news(english edition), OCPA.
  • 2020.10 : Our joint work with Xiamen University entitled "Surface Coordination Layer Passivates Oxidation of Copper" was published by Nature.
  • 2020.9 : Prof. Jiang received the "Zhongguancun Award to Outstanding Young Scientists"(“杰出青年中关村奖”) by Beijing government. link.
  • 2020.8 : Prof. Jiang won the "Nishina Asia Award"(“仁科芳雄亚洲奖”) by Nishina Memorial Foundation. link.
  • 2020.1 : Our paper "Atomic imaging of the edge structure and growth of a two-dimensional hexagonal ice" was published by Nature.
  • 2019.11 : Prof. Jiang was invited to World Laureates Association Forum and gave a talk to 65 World Laureates (including 44 Nobel Prize Laureates). Prof. Jiang is one of the selected 10 speakers out of 100 worldwide young scientists. link1,link2,link3,see photo,see video.
  • 2019.09 : Prof. Jiang was elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society. pku news, pku news(english edition).
  • 2019.06 : Prof. Jiang recieved "China-Youth Science and Technology Award"(中国青年科技奖) link.
  • 2019.02 : Our work on ion hydrate was selected as "2018 Top-ten Science Advances of China"(中国科学十大进展). pku news.
  • 2019.02 : Prof. Jiang was awarded "The leading innovative talent in the science and technology(“万人计划”科技创新领军人才)" by Central Chinese Government. see attached file.
  • 2018.06 : Jing Guo joined the College of Chemistry in Beijing Normal University as a full Professor.
  • 2018.05 : Our paper "The effect of hydration number on the interfacial transport of sodium ions" was published by Nature.
  • 2018.05 : Professor Jiang wins the 2018 Tan Kah Kee Young Scientist Award(陈嘉庚青年科学奖). link, pku news, pku news(english edition).
  • 2017.08 : Prof. Jiang was granted the "National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars"(“国家杰出青年科学基金”). link, pku news.
  • 2017.01 : Our work in the nuclear quantum effects of water is elected as one of Top 10 Progresses of Science and Technology of China in 2016(中国科学十大进展). pku news.
  • 2016.03 : Our paper"Nuclear quantum effects of hydrogen bonds probed by tip-enhanced inelastic electron tunneling" was accepted by Science.
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